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We Ship Performance

"The Admiral has scaled our facebook spend by +500% while decreasing our CPI by more than 20%.”

Best App Marketing Agency


Nominated as Best App Marketing Agency of the year 2020 at App Promotion Summit Berlin.

Admiral Media is a highly specialized performance marketing agency. For more than 10 years we consult mobile publishers and help them to grow their user base. We successfully manage their global performance marketing campaigns across all digital marketing channels. So basically, you can benefit from a holistic and modern marketing approach that fits your needs.


It all starts with a strategy. We tend to refuse your marketing budget until we tell you if there is a true chance to either add value, scale your user growth or generate ROAS for your current business setup.

Performance Marketing

Your great digital content deserves to be found. We make sure you get your marketing outcomes by gaining traffic and increasing conversions.

Paid Social

Whether you need immediate operational support on your facebook, twitter or snapchat campaigns or even if you just need an audit of your accounts to challenge your marketing team – we are here for you.


We need great analytics to deliver the best ROAS and scale . We help setting up but also develop a custom made reporting for your app ads based on Big Query & Tableau.

Native Advertising

We create a native advertising strategy for you and define all relevant KPI’s. With the right choice of format, network and content we setup, support and optimize existing and new campaigns for you.

Creative Services

From web banners to animated video production – we brainstorm ideas and bring them to life. Whatever it takes to boost your app, brand, product or service – have a look at our work and see how we make your app glow.

Influencer Marketing

Regardless of working with micro-influencers or reach-influencers, we make sure the content you get will encourage downloads and translates into higher user base. Click here to learn more about our approach.

Search Engine Advertising

Search engine advertising allows you to directly display your paid ads among the search results on various search engines. The higher your ad ranks, the more it will be seen!

Meet the Team

Andre - Founder

Former Head of Marketing & CMO of several startups like Trademob, LOVOO, fleek by Zalando, and Free2Move.

Nerea - Performance Marketing

Dived into a great new role in the mobile app ocean after several leading roles in marketing and sales positions in Nestle

Aziza - Biz Dev

Aziza is helping Admiral Media to grow internationally and finds new opportunities for long term partnerships in Digital Marketing.

Anna - Marketing

Anna develops our own marketing and content but is also responsible for our famous GrowBoat events!

Ginger - Office Doggo

Our office doggo Ginger, a beautiful Eurasier, is a diva. She loves hanging out with us and chilling in the office. She is lovely and very calm and will not hesitate to ignore your cuddles.

Thomas - Performance Marketing

Thomas knowledge around all things Google Search helps us to sail through your UA campaigns like a charm.

Lugao - Motion Design

With Lugao we help our clients to get the best performing ad creatives out at scale.

Mahmoud - Performance Marketing

An energetic Digital Marketing Dinosaur, a T-Rex, that joined the performance marketing team, specialized in Social Media Ads & experienced in PPC Ads with clients like MIT, Schneider Electric, Duşyeri, and Omron.

Pablo - Performance Marketing

Pablo joined our team to contribute his knowledge acquired in his more than 8 years of experience in Digital Marketing with clients like Mercadolibre, Garbarino, Fravega, Falabella, Cannon, Zonajobs and Virtualianet. He knows how to listen to customers and pursuit their goals with his analytical skills.

Josu - Influencer Marketing

Josu started his international adventure studying in the United States for 2 years, He has a double degree in Marketing – Advertising and Public Relations, has worked in two marketing agencies as Head of Influencer Marketing and really enjoy his job. He considers himself an outgoing person and loves adventures, that’s why he joined Admiral Media!


What Our Clients Say

“With the team of the Admiral we were able to scale our paid social spend by more than 200% while achieving our target ROAS!

Co-Founder of NeuroNation

“Andrè and Stefan from Dynamo Partners have been our trusted partners since launching Verifly. They helped us scaling our mobile user acquisition, decreasing the cost per signup by 10% and cost per purchase by 60%, while doubling the marketing budget.”


Founder of Verifly

“Admiral Media has scaled our business by more than 500% in the first month since they took over our Facebook and Apple Search Ads accounts.”
Marcel & Maurice

Founder of Tor Alarm/Goal Alert

“Since the beginning of our work with Admiral Media, we have seen only one direction: upwards, with an exponential user growth of 500% each month so far – on a global scale.”


CMO, Fastic GmbH

“With the experience of the Admiral Media team we were able to super scale our growth on TikTok. Authentic content acquired by them was the basis of our success on this platform.”


Head of Mobile User Acquisition, kaufDA

The GrowBoat

We not only run performance marketing at scale but we also host the famous event series GrowBoat. Our mission is to connect executives in hight growth mobile businesses to have fun in an unique environment having meaningful conversations about growth, UA, retention, monetisation, fundraising or whatever topic likes to be discussed. Each event is limited to founders, CEO’s, CMO’s and similar high level executives. Check out our event teaser and become part of the crew when GrowBoat set sail next time.